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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another Letter Home.


Editor's Note: The following is a letter from Robb to AnnMarie, and included only because we had it lying around. Nothing to see here folks, move along.


We arrived in Tabago earlier today (we are currently at N08,46.462 W079,30.072), had lunch on the island, a beautiful little place less than 10 miles from Panama City. We've just left and are now sailing towards Isla Perlas, and will spend a day or two there (gotta keep the crew happy, you know how much I hate that kind of thing), then on up the coast to Costa Rica. Everyone is in good spirits, we laugh all the time, although we had a tense moment when we left the anchorage as we snagged a mooring line in the dark and I had to swim under the boat and unwrap it from the prop. Everything worked out fine, and we are looking forward to some decent time in paradise.

The water is pretty dirty here, we're hoping to find cleaner, more pristine anchorages the further we get from the canal. It was weird swimming in the anchorage, it had lots of small particulate matter floating in it, and bits of garbage and other crap. We're not sure where it could be coming from but it sucked to see it. I don't understand why because there isn't anything around here for miles, and the current was coming from the North West. Very strange.

We're back to taking shifts again, but since Holly and Thorny are relatively new I've spent a lot of time up on deck. I'll probably not be getting as much sleep as I need, but we should be stopping for a day here or there, so I expect to catch up when we do.

Was just interrupted by Jeff, he got us too close to a freighter and we had to deal with it. I'm not sure why he has such a hard time avoiding them at night be he seems to almost miss one every shift. I think its his way of sublimating his sexual tension, flirting with disaster, the thrill of the chase, that sort of thing. I hope that by the time we get back he can still find women under three hundred tons (and sans navigation lights) attractive.

BTW, thanks for letting me know that folks are enjoying the emails, it really helps to hear that. Getting feedback from you really makes my day though.

Love you more than is possible...



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