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Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Last Supper (well, brunch, actually).


Editor's Note: This letter was sent out to a private email list to which Robb and AnnMarie belonged. It makes reference to the fact that Robb tends to write long emails (which we all know already just from reading this blog) and to "Fear My Donut", the team name assumed by them, and their good friends Ted H, who was team captain, and Wally G, who was the team drunk. They participated in a typically offbeat Berkeley event called "Dare You To Live" that was part scavenger hunt, part "Survivor" TV show game, part prank, part "Truth or Dare" and part endurance test. Since this event only seems to be held once every seven years, and since their team won the event (which surprised no one more than them) it means they have bragging rights until the next team takes the title as Weirdest Wackos of the West.

Also, the brunch began with a "protest" being staged by Wally (who has a great website at, who provided the signs and various slogans. And these are our friends.

My Fellow Amoniums,

As many of you know, I'm about to embark on a sailing trip on "Triton" our new catamaran. Although I would like to avoid death, odds are good that I will probably perish at sea while sailing from Trinidad to Mexico, most likely hacked to death by the crew (if I had to guess) for
good cause.

Now, many of you are probably sitting back and imagining what this means: a peaceful, less obnoxious email list (or at least a reduced word count), not having to listen to me gloat for the next seven years about the size of my fearsum donut, and a relatively single and available AnnMarie. All of those things are reason to celebrate!

To that end, why not join me at Doyle Street on Saturday from about 10am till noon to feast, trade lies and surreptitiously make dates with Amp.

I'll be leaving Saturday evening and would love to get a chance to borrow money from as many of you as I can before I go.

Hope to see you there!



Doyle Street Cafe is located in Emeryville, CA (94608) on, surprisingly, Doyle Street. Take 80, get off at the Powell Street exit, head East (away from the bay), go about three blocks (over the train track hump bridge) through the light at Hollis to the next right onto Doyle Street, past the stop sign, Cafe is on second block on right, parking lot is on left before it. - Come by pretty much any Sunday morning and you can find one or more of us annoying the staff and being way too loud.


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