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Hi, and welcome to the adventures of "Triton", a 45' Robertson & Caine Leopard catamaran we purchased in July of 2007, in Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. We sailed her back to Emeryville, California, located in the lovely San Francisco East Bay area, worked a few more years, then set off cruising in the fall of 2014. This journal is the story of our ongoing adventure, the folks we've met along the way, and the hardships and joys of that journey. Please read along and let us know what you think!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Letter Home


Editor's Note: Not all emails went out to our readership. Many were far too personal to publish, but we've included this one just for fun.

Hello my love,

It was great to hear your voice again, I miss you so!! Mota and Jeff are fabulous company, but I really wish you were here. Please do whatever you need to be ready to fly back down, I want to hold you again!

Please contact Mike, MaryAnn & Jen and find out how they made out and if there is anything they need or left behind and thank them again for their help and company, please tell them they are welcome back anytime. Also please contact my folks and explain my absence and that I will fly to see them as soon as we get the boat to a logical stopping point.

We are on our way to the San Blas now, wind has been low, seas flat, but that makes for slow going as we don't want to waste a lot of fuel. The stay in Shelter Bay got better in that we kept meeting more and more new and wonderful people. We almost decided to stay another night and jam with another musician but seeing the islands seemed like a better idea.

Cruising definitely suits this crew, each of us wander off and find new friends, then introduce them around. Jeff ended up fixing a computer problem for the French couple (Alaine & Madeline) on the red & white Outremere cat, and practicing his French. We could probably get jobs doing IT down here, the way so many cruisers need help. Maybe I should switch careers.

Can you please check to see which emails of mine made it through? Also, please send a message to the email list asking them not to send any emails directly to the boat address as this severely reduces my ability to use email. Ask them to send things to you instead. Also, I haven't seen anything in my email that seemed urgent, but please look over it, there was a message in there from the folks from Aruba Marina saying they forgot to bill us for something. Please tell them that I'm not able to respond just yet but we will look this over during the next couple of weeks and get back to them if there is any problem.

I hope all is well with you. Thank you so much for dealing with all this shore side shit. I realize how less glamorous it may seem, but in reality it is far more important for our long term goals than fixing the boat. Please do spend some time doing something fun this week, don't work so hard you go crazy. Remember, we both have to work a few more years before we can go sailing, you don't want to burn out just yet!

Please write as much as you want, I love hearing from you and wish I could kiss you all over.

I love you madly.


p.s. There isn't anything we can't live without, but some things that would really be nice are:

1. Lots of crystallized ginger.
2. Chocolate covered ginger.
3. Those ferrite collars you bought at the HAM Radio Outlet (black cylindrical items that snap around the radio cables) also called RF chokes. I need about ten more.
4. If you have the opportunity, please look in the three big black plastic container boxes in 5A storage - I think there may be a box or two of boat gear that got left in them - I'm especially missing two snatch blocks - the brand new one I just bought broke - I'm gonna bring it back to West Marine but I'm pissed that it failed already.
5. There should be another stash of tools somewhere around the boat - I'm missing an Ammeter (it has a plastic loop arm that can be opened and placed around wires), and a signal
6. Tracing meter that was blue and has a black plastic pointed tip. Also, I need to get my soldering stuff from Ron and bring it down here, the crap I have here is worthless.
7. If you see any discs that appear to be at all related to sailing pack them down, I'm missing one for the Garmin GPS especially.
8. A couple of those razor blade holder knives and some razors, the one I had has gone missing.
9. A reasonable amount of toy stuff, lube especially.
10. All of the T.Pratchett paperback books that are on the shelf.
11. A copy of "A Cock & Bull Story" (or whatever the title is of that book by Tristram Shandy) that was written in the 1700s that the movie was based upon.
12. The three way chess game.
13. Your breasts.
14. Your girlfriend's breasts.


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